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Our Vision

Atlanta Metropolitan Cathedral (Metro) is a Christ-centered, family-focused, community-conscious church. We are committed to serving all generations and cultures in the city of Atlanta and throughout the world.

We are a church that proclaims the word of God and makes disciples of Jesus by:

  • Helping people to know God
  • Helping people to walk in freedom
  • Helping people discover their purpose
  • Helping people make difference in the lives of others

Atlanta Metropolitan Cathedral is called to model reconciliation to God, to our families, and to our communities by:

  • Building committed relationships through Small Group ministry
  • Demonstrating praise and worship through celebration arts
  • Practicing prayer and intercession with committed teams of believers
  • Promoting leadership development through vision casting, mutual encouragement and skill development
  • Providing community service to the disenfranchised
  • Developing marketplace ministries