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Get Connected

Connection Groups

When you come to Metro you are coming into a spiritual family. In our spiritual family, just as it is in a natural family, it is important to us that everyone is well cared for. Our desire is for you and your family to find your place here at Metro. We are confident and excited that you will!
The first building block of ministry at Metro starts with our Connections Groups (CGs), homogeneous groups that meet weekly throughout metropolitan Atlanta. Combined with our weekly Sunday Celebration Service, this provides a holistic 360 degree connection with your new spiritual family.
Connection groups are small groups of people that meet a minimum of once a week. They are motivated by the development of internal growth based on the Word of God. Each Group has an agenda of small teachings that are simple and practical. This way each member and new convert is edified every week. When the early church started great growth the principle of cells (Connection Groups) was born. We find this in Acts where it says, “So the word of God spread.”

Why Connections Groups?

In His ministry, Jesus Christ met in the homes and meeting places of the people. At Metro we follow the same pattern. We established CGs throughout the city to meet the need of anyone looking to connect with God and people. These groups provide a welcoming atmosphere for candid conversations and personalized ministry. This is all to grow a person’s spiritual life and establish a real connection with people who are dedicated to seeing them have a successful Christian life.

How are Connection Groups divided up?

Our CGs are divided up based on four main ministries or networks: Men, Women, Youth and Children. Men minister to men, women minister to women, youth minister to youth and there is a team formed to empower children to minister to children. We have made the decision to organize the Children’s Network by ages 5-7,8-10, and 11-13. This way we are able to specifically share an appropriate message for each age group. In these networks the message is tailored to reach their specific needs. The goal is to motivate and strengthen each group to achieve their dreams.

How can I join a Connection Group?

Join us on Sunday mornings  for our weekly Celebration Service at  At the end of Celebration you’ll have the opportunity to connect with any of our Connection Group Leaders.