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What We Do

Today’s society places a premium on “being real”. From our relationship with God to how we entertain ourselves, we crave authenticity and lasting, relevant interaction. At Metro, we believe that God’s love for us, exemplified in the life and sacrifice of His Son on the cross, even before we choose to believe in Him, is the epitome of real love. We demonstrate that love to one another and our communities by sharing God’s love through ministries tailored for the family.



Developed from the Johnsons’ marriage coaching program, “Friends and Lovers for Life,” our ministry to couples is designed to equip engaged and married couples with the tools necessary for a healthy, and long-lasting relationship: effective communication, consistent passion and romance, and constant renewal. Connect with other couples through workshops, conference, retreats and couples’ Connection Groups.


Singles and Single-Parents

Our ministry with singles takes place in the form of events and through Connection Groups designed to connect our singles to each other, and to facilitate personal growth and deeper relationships within our community.


Blended Families

Blended families are a unique and increasingly common part of our society, and constitute the majority of our church community. Certified blended family coaches, the Johnsons offer workshops, conferences, and counseling for blended families with the aim of building unity, transitioning into new family roles, and celebrating the unique gift that blended families are.


Youth and Young Adults

Whether in high school or college, our youth and young adult ministries are respectively designed to celebrate the gifts of young people, by empowering them to find an expression of their faith that is authentic to their identity, inviting them to ask the tough questions, and equipping them to share their faith in meaningful ways.



Cultivating caring and thoughtful young leaders is the philosophy of our children’s ministry. We provide group and one-on-one mentoring to children, and create a space for fun and weekly activities on Sunday mornings, in which they are encouraged, supported, cared for and connected to their peers.

Download Family Devotional For Children